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'Out' Phrasal Verbs

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Here are seven different phrasal verbs ending in the particle 'out'. How many of them do you recognise? Read through the sentences below and decide which phrasal verb is needed for each sentence. Then try to make your own sentences with at least three of the phrasal verbs listed. Good luck!

Back out – to change your mind and decide not to do something "I'm nervous about making a speech tomorrow, but I don't want to back out now."
Fill out – to complete "Please fill out this paperwork. You will need to write you name, address, age and occupation."
Stand out – to be obvious, noticeable, very clear to see."She really stands out in the crowd wearing that orange jacket."
Break out – to escape "A prisoner broke out of prison. The police are looking for him."
Eat out – to eat in a restaurant "After cooking all week, it's nice to eat out on the weekend."
Hand out – to distribute, to give, pass out "The teacher handed out exam papers to all the students."
Cut out – to remove completely "She cut out a picture of her favourite singer from my magazine!"

Now choose the correct phrasal verb to complete each sentence:

  • 1.Please take a seat over there and ___ these forms with your information.

  • 2. Could you ___ one book to each member of the class please.

  • 3. My friend was going to be on a reality TV programme but she ___ at the last minute.

  • 4. We are going to ___ tonight, at an amazing restaurant near Picadilly.

  • 5. She wears crazy outfits because she loves to ___.

  • 6. Somehow my baby ___ of her cot last night. Luckily I woke up before she got to the door.

  • 7. I'm going to try ___ dairy from my diet, to see if I feel any better.