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Parts of the body

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 The human body is like a silent machine that carries us through life. Sometimes it does not work as well or look as good as we would like, but each one is unique and yet just like all the rest! It truly is an amazing thing. How well do you know yours? Today's lesson looks at the names of different parts of the human body both inside and out.

Choose which body part is being described in each sentence:

  • 1) The organ of the body in the head that controls thought:

  • 2) One of the five separate parts at the end of your foot:

  • 3) The two organs inside your chest that are used for breathing:

  • 4) The middle part of your leg where it bends:

  • 5) The two organs on your head that you hear with:

  • 6) The hard white objects inside the mouth that are used for biting and chewing:

  • 7) The front part of the leg below the knee:

  • 8) The tube inside the neck that leads to the stomach:

  • 9) The short, thick finger on the side of the hand:

  • 10) Where your arm joins your body next to your neck: