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Parts of Speech

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English is commonly separated into eight parts of speech. These are:

Nouns - a thing or a person.
Verbs - an action.
Adjectives - a describing word.
Pronouns - replace a noun.
Conjunctions- words that join clauses, sentences or words.
Adverbs - words that describe actions.
Interjections- short exclamatory words.
Prepositions - link a noun to another word.

It is important to learn what they are so that we can understand how to create correct sentences and use English grammar properly.

In the following sentences, do you know the following parts of speech:

Lesson by Caroline

  • 1. Live: I live in a small flat.

  • 2. Mad: My Father keeps getting mad at me lately, I don't know why.

  • 3. Quickly: Run quickly or you'll miss the bus!

  • 4. Eggs: Please can you buy me some eggs.

  • 5. My: Where is my black dress? I can't find it anywhere.

  • 6. But: I like Bogota but I prefer London.

  • 7. On: Please put your books on the table.

  • 8. Ouch: Ouch! That really hurt!