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Passive Tense Review

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Do you remember the difference between active and passive sentences?

In an active sentence:

Someone or something is performing an action.
"The cat chased the mouse."

In a passive sentence:

Someone or something is having something done to them.
"The mouse was chased by the cat."

In order to make a passive sentence you need:

  • A form of the verb 'to be'
  • A past tense verb
    e.g."Thousands of toys are bought every Christmas."

If we want to say who performed the action then we must add 'by'.
e.g. "Thousands of toys are bought every Christmas by parents."

Can you convert the following sentences into the passive voice?

1. Jennifer bought the cake.
2. Millions of people visit Cape Town every year.
3. Emily and Patrick ate my chocolate!
4. Sam painted a beautiful picture.
5. Kevin drives Kate to work every day.
6. Peter killed the rat.
7. Caroline eats two bars of chocolate daily.
8. The waves hit the ship.
9. Sophie cleans the kitchen.
10. Everyone watches the fireworks.

Lesson by Caroline Devane

  • 1. The cake ___ by Jennifer.

  • 2. Cape Town ___ by millions of people every year.

  • 3. My chocolate ___ by Emily and Patrick.

  • 4. A beautiful picture was painted by Bob.

  • 5. Kate ___ to work every day by Kevin.

  • 6. The rat ___ by Peter.

  • 7. Two bars of chocolate ___ daily by Caroline.

  • 8. The ship ___ by the waves.

  • 9. The kitchen ___ by Sophie.

  • 10. The fireworks ___ by everyone.