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Past Participle Irregular Verbs

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Check your understanding of irregular past participle verbs.

Example: Do

Present Simple: do - "Where do you live?"
Past Simple: did - "Where did you go yesterday?"
Past Participle: done - "Has he done all his homework?"

Writing practice is one of the best ways to learn irregular verbs. Read through these sentences and type in the past participle form of the verb.

  • 1 - Make sure you lock the car-door or it could get (steal).
  • 2 - All his paperwork was (take) away by her assistant.
  • 3 - They've (ride) on the subway many times.
  • 4 - Have you ever (drive) in a foreign country?
  • 5 - The thief was (catch) by the police.
  • 6 - She said she has (drink) all the milk.
  • 7 - She's (begin) taking swimming lessons.
  • 8 - Robert's (speak) to me about it.
  • 9 - Has the water in the lake (freeze) yet?
  • 10 - Who has (eat) all the cake?