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Past Participle Review

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Eat - Ate - Eaten. 'Eaten' is a past participle verb, but how and when is it used? Here's a quick review and quiz.

The past participle is used in both active and passive sentences:

  • Forming the perfect tense: The fish has eaten.
  • Forming the passive tense: The chicken was eaten.
  • Modifying a noun, with active voice: our fallen friends.
  • Modifying a noun, with passive voice: the attached pictures.
  • Modifying a verb or sentence, with passive voice: Seen from this view, the exit can be clearly seen.

As noun-modifiers, participles usually precede the noun (like adjectives), but in many cases they can or must follow it:

  • The children ate the baked cake.
  • Bring all the paperwork required.
  • The problems encountered were many.

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  • 1 - ___ up by lawyer parents, it was natural that John wanted to become a lawyer too.

  • 2 - He was ___ to be the captain by the team's manager.

  • 3 - Have you ever ___ off a high-board in a swimming pool.

  • 4 - Paula was ___ to work by her husband.

  • 5 - ___ the options, I think driving to the park is the best choice.

  • 6 - I've never ___ on a stage.

  • 7 - She has ___ all the money from the bank account.

  • 8 - Has he ___ surgery?

  • 9 - The building was badly ___ by the explosion.

  • 10 - The kite is being ___ by the wind.