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Past simple irregular verbs

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Most verbs follow the rule of adding 'ed' when we want to say them in past simple, but some verbs sadly don't. These are the ones we just have to learn.

Can you remember what the following verbs are in past simple. Careful, some of them might be regular and some might not!

Today's lesson is by Caroline

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  • 1. I (buy) two new pairs of shoes.
  • 2. I (go) to a wonderful Chinese restaurant yesterday.
  • 3. Thank goodness I (remember) to send my brother a birthday card!
  • 4. I (choose) to go to university in London.
  • 5. I think I (eat) too much today, I feel sick!
  • 6. Excuse me, I (pay) for two glasses of wine but I only had one.
  • 7. I really (need) to talk to my Dad yesterday, but he wasn't answering his phone.
  • 8. Last year I (travel) to India, it was amazing! (British English spelling)
  • 9. I (take) my medicine this morning, didn't I?
  • 10. I think I (break) the television.