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Pasta and Pizza!

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For a long time, Indian food has been the favourite of most British people, but now, Italian food is taking over! Here's some information about the big change. What’s your favourite type of food? I do love Italian food but my absolute favourite has to be Mexican. Having said that, I could easily eat my Mum's roast dinner every day. Let us know!

Lesson by Caroline

Pasta and pizza have _1_ British dishes such as shepherd’s pie to become the nation’s most popular ready meals.
At the same time, sales of TV dinners _2_ by 9.5 per cent overall as cash-strapped families cut back on restaurant meals and stay in instead.

The chilled ready meals sector is now worth £1.2billion, according to _3_ from market research analysts Kanta Worldpanel.
Supermarket own-label products, which already account for 92.7 per cent of the market, continue to go from strength to strength. _4_ food enjoyed particularly strong growth at many British supermarkets.

Outside of the top two, Indian meals came third with sales of £167.5million, followed by Chinese food on £86million and Spanish cuisine on £27.9million.
French ready meals only _5_ to reach sixth place, on £26.3million.

Trade magazine The Grocer said British ready meals may have fallen out of favour because _6_ feel they could easily make the dishes themselves.

Doug James, chief executive of brand consultancy Honey, said: 'It's cyclical. We have been bombarded with messages over the past few years about buying British and now people are saying that we’ve tried that, let's have something new and _7_.
'Mexican and Spanish will do well this year.'

Now choose the seven correct missing words:

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