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People Vocabulary

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Take a look at these ten words. They are all used to describe people and the role they play in our lives. How may of them do you know?

  • acquaintance
  • buddy
  • co-worker
  • comrade
  • fair-weather friend
  • roommate
  • girlfriend
  • pen-pal
  • soul mate

Match the words with their definition:

  • 1. Someone you work with is your:

  • 2. An informal word for a friend is:

  • 3. Someone you do not know very well is an:

  • 4. Someone you exchange friendly letters with is your:

  • 5. Someone you share an apartment with is your:

  • 6. Someone who is said to be your perfect match is your:

  • 7. A friend who shares a difficult job with you (usually in the military) is your:

  • 8. A friend only during good times is a:

  • 9. Someone you are romantically involved with is your: