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People of the Year 2011

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Here are some of the people of the year, as voted for by Timeout London writers! Read through the article and put the missing words in the correct gaps.

Who do you think deserves to be a 'person of the year' ?


Missing words

  • Established - well developed.
  • Grab - take quickly.
  • Support - help.
  • Nurturing - develop and take care of.
  • Proof - evidence.
  • Comprehend - understand.
  • Transform - change in a big way.
  • Co-founder - one of two people who starts a business together.
  • Gloriously - wonderfully

Time Magazine People of the Year

Steve Jobs

'I woke up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. I reached out to _1_ my iPhone to find out what time it was. It was just after three. Without thinking I did what I what I always do, checked for text messages, Facebook status update and Twitter tweets. 'RIP Steve' was the first indication I got from someone I follow/cyber stalk. I closed that app and opened up the BBC News website. It was what I had feared, Steve Jobs _2_. of Apple Inc and Pixar Animation was dead. For many of us it was hard to _3_ that at just 56 the man that many saw as arguably the greatest innovator and visionary of the last fifty years was dead. Along with the likes of Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak, Jobs helped _4_ the planet. The products he created were elegant, sublime and instant design classics. He made ‘high tech’ beautiful as well as useful. From iTunes to iMacs, from 'Toy Story' to 'Up', everything he touched had heart as well as genius. He will be missed, especially at the moment when the world could do with a few more Steves.'

Eat.St Collective (Petra Barran and Giles Smith)

'The pair deserve their gongs for promoting and _5_ London’s burgeoning street food scene since 2009. They launched the brilliant Eat.St at King’s Cross earlier this year, a three-day ‘market’ offering a platform for new and _6_ street food traders (and the denizens of King’s Cross a better lunch option than Subway). The community of roving food trucks and street stalls is growing week on week – Eat.St has become a hub where traders can find _7_ and hungry diners can track down and discover their favourite meals on wheels.'


'Number One in the album charts, beating Amy Winehouse's record for the most albums sold by a female artist. The live DVD of her playing the Albert Hall shows Adele at her _8_ gobby best, alternating amazement at being on the venue’s stage with object _9_ of why she deserves to be there. We eagerly anticipate her return to action – she's been communicating via a text-to-speech smartphone app for the last three months after receiving laser microsurgery for a vocal cord haemorrhage.

  • 1. The missing word is:

  • 2. The missing word is:

  • 3. The missing word is:

  • 4. The missing word is:

  • 5. The missing word is:

  • 6. The missing word is:

  • 7. The missing word is:

  • 8. The missing word is:

  • 9. The missing word is: