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Personality Adjectives Scramble for Elementary Level

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There are so many different ways we can describe people and their personalities. There are eight personality adjectives in the following text but the letters are all mixed up. Read the text then unscramble the letters to make the correct adjectives and put them in the boxes. Good luck!

"I live with five other friends. We get on really well and have a lot in common. When it comes to dancing, which we are all studying, we are very (1) biuoatmsi. Erika is completely (2) yzcra. She is always singing for no reason! Ruth is the most (3) enbeissle, she organises the rent and electricity bills. Hannah is very (4) lkativeat, especially about partying, which is something she likes to do a lot! When people first meet Becky, they think she is (5) hys, but when you get to know her you realise she is not at all! Adelle is the most (6) ctieav of all of us. She sometimes goes for a run after eight hours of dancing! We are a really efrylndi group of people and we have an amazing time together! I'm so glad I live with such (7) rwam people, who are always there for me."

Today's lesson is by Caroline

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  • Word 1 is:
  • Word 2 is:
  • Word 3 is:
  • Word 4 is:
  • Word 5 is:
  • Word 6 is:
  • Word 7 is:
  • Word 8 is: