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Personality Synonyms

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How would you describe your personality? What are some positive adjectives you would use? Are there any negative words?

Today we look at words that we can use to describe someone's personality.

Synonyms are words that have similar meaning, so when we describe someone as reliable we can also say trustworthy. Reliable and trustworthy are synonyms which we use to describe someone's personality.

How many of these personality adjectives do you know? Match the word to its closest synonym:

  • 1) Neat:

  • 2) Intelligent:

  • 3) Stingy:

  • 4) Happy:

  • 5) Loving:

  • 6) Brave:

  • 7) Boring:

  • 8) Grouchy:

  • 9) Delicate:

  • 10) Easygoing:

  • 11) Chatty: