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Phrasal Verb - 'Bring'

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'We were worried but the doctor was able to bring her to.'

Today we take a look at phrasal verbs which use the verb 'bring'. Below you will find a definition of each with example sentences. When you have finished, try the quiz at the bottom.

bring about

to cause something to happen:

'The 1960s youth movement brought about a change in American culture and politics.'

bring around

to change a view in someone's view or opinion:

'I used to eat meat meat until I saw a TV show on vegetarianism which really brought me around.'

bring back

to take back or return something:

'Can you bring back the book I lent you tomorrow?'

'They should bring back smoking in bars. I hate going outside to smoke.'

bring down

to fall or collapse:

'The Berlin Wall was brought down in 1989.'

'The footballer was brought down by a kick from his opponent.'

bring off

to succeed at something difficult/ to accomplish something that seemed impossible:

'I can't believe your wife let you come with us. How did you bring that off?'

bring on

very similar to bring about mentioned above.To cause something to appear:

'The strong smell of flowers brought on sneezing from her. She's allergic to them.'

bring out

to come out / release:

'My favourite author is bringing out a new book next month.'

bring out (2)

to stress or to highlight something:

That make-up really brings out your eyes.'

bring to

to revive consciousness:

'The doctor used a strong smelling salts to bring to the boxer after he had been knocked out.'

bring up

to mention:

'I'd like to bring up an important point at tomorrow's meeting.'

bring up (2)

to raise children or animals:

'He was mostly brought up by his mother as his father worked abroad a lot.'

'I was born in Vietnam, but I was brought up in America.'

Phrasal Verb 'Hang'

  • I've lived here my whole life, where were you brought ___?

  • Coldplay are bringing ___ a new CD soon.

  • Don't bring ___ her birthday. She hates to be reminded of how old she is.

  • Try to bring her ___ to our way of thinking.

  • We must bring ___ the DVD to the store the day after tomorrow.

  • Wear blue to bring ___ your eyes.

  • The fall in profits brought ___ a change in company policy.

  • It took 2 minutes to bring her ___ after her accident. It was lucky there was a doctor there.

  • What brought ___ the Roman empire? It was so powerful and then it was suddenly gone.