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Phrasal Verb Hang On

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Let's take a look at some meanings of the phrasal verb hang on. The past tense of the verb hang is hung or hanged.

To hold/cling something tightly.

"Hang on! Don't let go of the rope!"

To continue with something difficult.

"Hang on, don't give up yet, we're almost at the finish line."

To keep a telephone connection open.

"Please hang on, I'm putting you through to our customer service department."

To wait for a short amount of time.

"Can you hang on for a few minutes, I'm on the way."


To hold firmly; keep fast.

"Hang on to the dog's lead or she will run away."

Now choose the correct missing word to complete these sentences:

  • 1) Can you please ___ on the line for a moment?

  • 2) She ___ on to the rope for as long as she could.

  • 3) We cannot keep him ___ on any longer.

  • 4) She always ___ on to her old bills.

  • 5) ___ on, James will be here soon.

  • 6) I've been ____ on the phone for 5 minutes.

  • 7) I asked to ___ on a few minutes more, but he left.