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Phrasal Verb - Move

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move away

Move away: To move away means that you leave one place to go and live in another.

'I was born in London, but we moved away to Liverpool when I was very young.'

move in

Move in: To start living in a new house. It is often used with to when we want to show which place.

'I bought a new house. I'm hoping to move in sometime next month.'
'I'm going to move in to my brother's apartment.'

move on

Move on: To change from one thing to the next thing. To stop one thing and start doing another.

'I think we have discussed this topic enough. Let's move on.'
'I've been working here for ten years. I want to change my job. It's time for me to move on.'

move out

Move out: To move out means that you leave your home forever. You move to a new home.

'I had to move out when the rent became too high for me to live there.'

move over

Move over: To move to the side.

'I want to sit on the sofa too. Can you move over?'

  • Move ___ to the right so that I can fit you all in the photograph.

  • She moved ___ of her boyfriend's house because they were fighting all the time.

  • Can we move ___ and discuss something else. We've been talking about this for ages.

  • I have a spare room. You can move ___ with me if you like.

  • He had to move ___ to another city to find work.