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Phrasal Verb Review

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This lesson is designed to see how well you remember the meaning of some common phrasal verbs.

Match each phrasal verb below to the correct sentence.

Make sure you use the correct tense!

Phrasal Verbs

Break up - to end a relationship
Bring up - to raise a child
Find out - to discover some information
Put off - to postpone
Give up - to stop/quit
Turn up - to increase the volume or speed
Look forward - to feel excited about something that is going to happen
Take up - to begin/start something new
Come across - to meet or find someone/something by chance
Go over - to review/check/examine

Lesson by Caroline Devane

  • 1. I'm going to my children in the country side.
  • 2. Don't your homework until tomorrow, do it now!
  • 3. I'm really to going home this weekend. I haven't seen my family in ages.
  • 4. I think I'm going to a new hobby this year.
  • 5. My friend with her boyfriend last week, so I'm going to take her some ice-cream.
  • 6. Did you what time our train leaves?
  • 7. I've been working in a shop for years and I've never a customer that rude before!
  • 8. Please will you my essay for me?
  • 9. I smoking in 2008. I'm much healthier now.
  • 10. Please will you the volume? I can't hear a thing!