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Phrasal Verb - Turn

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'Turn on the TV.'

Let's help to build your vocabulary by looking at 11 phrasal verbs that use the word turn:

Turn Down

Turn Down: to lower the volume.

'The TV is too loud. Can you turn it down?'

Turn Down: to refuse or decline a request.

'My credit card application was turned down by the bank because of my bad credit.'

Turn In

Turn In: to submit something.

'All students are expected to turn in their homework at the end of today's lesson.'

Turn In: to go to bed.

'I'm tired to stay up. I think I'll turn in.'

Turn Into

Turn Into: to change into something different. To transform.

'Ben is a nice guy until he drinks alcohol. He then turns into a monster!'

Turn Off

Turn Off: to stop a machine or device from working/performing.

'Turn off the TV if no one is watching it.'

Turn On

Turn On: to start a machine or device. The opposite of turn off.

'My father is terrible with computers. He can't even turn one on!'

Turn Out

Turn Out: audience members, spectators or participants at an event.

'People turned out in huge amounts for the opening night of the movie'.

Turn Out: in the end.

'I looked for my keys all over the house. It turned out they were in my jacket pocket all along.'

Turn Up

Turn Up: to increase the volume.

'I love this song. Someone turn up the radio.'

Turn Up: to find unexpectedly.

'I hadn't seen her for months and then, one day, she turned up at my house.'

  • Can you turn ___ the music a little? It's too loud. I can't concentrate on my work.

  • I don't stay up very late. I usally turn ___ at around 10pm.

  • He applied for a job at the company, but they turned him ___ because he didn't have enough experience.

  • A caterpillar turns ___ a butterfy.

  • The theatre had a much lower turn ___ than expected.

  • I read a murder mystery. It turns ___ that the butler was the murderer.