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Phrasal Verbs about Telephoning

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A) Decide (using the words in brackets as clues) which phrasal verbs should be used with the 5 sentences:

Put on - Call back - Dial out - Get through - Get back to

1. Hotel operator, "If you want to ___ (make a call outside of the hotel), you have to dial 9 first".
2. It's difficult to ___ (get a connection) to the customer helpline in the mornings.
3. I'm sorry, he's out right now. Can you ___ (phone again) at about seven o'clock?
4. I’ll ___ phone you with my response) in a few days.
5. Dean, "Hi Aunt Nancy, It's Dean. How's everything?"
Aunt, "Hi! Fine thanks. Just a minute, I'll ___ (give the phone to) your uncle so you can tell him all the news."

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B) Complete the phrasal verbs in each sentence.

Look - Cut - Hang - Up - Hung

  • 1. Can I speak to Mrs. Smith again please? I was speaking to her and we were ____ off.

  • 2. Hi, I’ve been meaning to _____ you up for ages, but I couldn’t find your number.

  • 3. Hello, are you still there? Hello? I think she just ______ up.

  • 4. Wait! Please don't _____ up!

  • 5. Why don't you phone Kathy ____ and invite her to the dinner party.