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Phrasal Verbs for Family

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Look at the context of each sentence and choose the correct definition. Good luck!

Get along/get on have a good relationship.

Take after resemble someone in your family.

Fall out argue with someone and never speak to him/her again.

Run in the family a genetic characteristic that’s common in a family.

Split up divorce/separate.

Look up to someone respect and admire.

Tell off someone scold.

Lesson by Sebastian, English teacher at our EC Cape Town school

  • 1. Sadly, after 30 years of marriage my parents finally decided to ___.

  • 2. When I was a child I really ___ my uncle. The guy was my hero!

  • 3. My sister was incredibly naughty when she was a kid. Our mom was always ___!

  • 4. People are always telling me that I ___ my dad because we both have massive noses!

  • 5. Massive noses ___.

  • 6. I probably ___ with my brother the most. We're like best friends.

  • 7. My cousin and I ___ after a huge fight. I haven’t even spoken to her in 8 years!