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Phrasal Verbs + Off

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Phrasal verbs are really tricky and many students tell me they are one of the most difficult things about learning English. That is why it is really important to learn them and practise them. Here are seven phrasal verbs ending in 'off'.

How many of them do you recognise? I've written the literal meaning to help you. Read through the sentences below and decide which phrasal verb is needed for each sentence. Then try to make your own sentences with at least three of the phrasal verbs listed.

Good luck!
Lesson by Caroline

Phrasal Verbs

Call off - to cancel.
Lay off - to make members of staff redundant.
Live off - to live from one source of money.
Pay off - to pay debts.
Put off - to delay.
Take off - to do well.
Write off - to cancel or accept a loss.

Now choose the correct phrasal verb to complete each sentence:

  • 1. I'm going to ___ the wedding. I don't want to marry him.

  • 2. Many people don't have a choice but to ___ the state. You can't always judge a person because they don't have a job.

  • 3. He's never going to pay me back, I think I need to ___ the money he owes me.

  • 4. My catering work has really ___ ! People love my cakes and I'm getting jobs every week.

  • 5. This week we have ___ ten members of staff, the atmosphere in the office is horrible.

  • 6. Can we ___ our meeting until next Tuesday? I'm really busy.

  • 7. I still need to ___ my student loan, I don't like to think about it.