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Phrasal Verbs: Take Make Put

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Take a look at the 3 phrasal verbs in these sentences. Do you know what they mean? You can write your guesses in the comments box below:

"The music was so loud that I couldn't make out what he was saying."
"The hotel takes on extra staff during the summer season."
"We've been putting away a little money every month to buy a laptop."

Notice that the examples use make, take and put with prepositions to make phrasal verbs.

Now decide which verb is needed to make the correct phrasal verb. The definitions of the phrasal verb are given first.

  • 1 - Progress: "How are you ___ out in your new job?"

  • 2 - To quickly steal something and leave with it: "Thieves ___ off with all the cash in the store."

  • 3 - Accept / tolerate: "I can't ___ up with the noise any longer. I'm leaving."

  • 4 - Start / become interested in: "I'm thinking about ___ up piano lessons."

  • 5 - Return something: "___ back the dress to the shop if it's too small."

  • 6 - To kill a sick or injured animal: "The vet had to ___ down our dog because it was too old and sick."

  • 7 - To invent a story: "I ___ up a story to tell my son before he goes to sleep."

  • 8 - Write Down: "The police ___ down some of his details during the interview."

  • 9 - Looks like/behaves like: "He ___ after his father; they are both stubborn."

  • 10 - Postpone: "Let's ___ off this meeting until next week. We'll have more time then."