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Phrasal Verbs for Travel

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Today's lesson reviewd and builds on the 7 travel phrasal verbs we studied at a few weeks ago. Look at the these phrasal verbs and their definitions. Fill in the gaps with the correct phrasal verbs so that the text makes sense. (Keep in mind that the main verb changes according to the time and function of the sentence, e.g. drop off in a past passive structure is I was dropped off.

  1. Drop off -  to take someone to a place and leave them there
  2. Check in  - to register at a hotel
  3. Check out - to leave and pay for your stay at a hotel
  4. Pick up - to go and fetch someone from a place and take them somewhere else
  5. Set out - to start a journey
  6. Take off - when a plane leaves and begins to fly
  7. Get in - when a plane arrives on an airport
  8. Get away - to leave to go somewhere for a break or holiday
  9. Get on - to climb on board
  10. Speed up - to increase speed
  11. Look around - to explore what is near you, in your area
  12. Hurry up - to rush and not waste time
  13. Go back - to go the place someone is leaving from to say goodbye
  14. See off - to go the place someone is leaving from to say goodbye
  15. Look forward - to look forward to something that is going to happen in the future

Summer break in the USA

The day I left for the USA my family (1)___ me___. We had breakfast on the airport but we had to (2)___ so that I wouldn't miss my flight. It was a teary goodbye, but I was (3)___ to new experiences in the USA. After I (4)___ the plane I made myself comfortable and sent a few last minute goodbye text messages. I thought of how much I wanted this holiday and that I just needed to (5)___ from it all. A short while later the pilot announced that all electronics were to be switched off, for we were preparing to (6)___. As the plane was (7)___ on the runway I sat back and took pleasure in brute force and strength of the momentum the plane was creating to lift itself up from the ground.

When our plane (8)___ at JFK Airport in New York there was already a taxi waiting to (9)___ me ___. The taxi (10)___ me ___ at the Holiday Inn where I would meet up with my friends. After I (11)___  to the hotel we all went to Time Square, where we (12)___ for the rest of the day. The next day we got up in the early hours of the morning and did some sightseeing. That night we were exhausted and went to bed early. The next morning we (13) ___ after breakfast, rented a car and (14)___ on a cross-country road trip. It would be another 3 months before I would (15)___ home.

Lesson by Danica, teacher at EC Cape Town English School

Add the correct phrasal verbs into the spaces below. Type in the whole phrasal verb and change the tense when needed.

  • Missing phrasal verb 1 is (use 'me' in your answer):
  • Missing phrasal verb 2 is:
  • Missing phrasal verb 3 is:
  • Missing phrasal verb 4 is:
  • Missing phrasal verb 5 is:
  • Missing phrasal verb 6 is:
  • Missing phrasal verb 7 is:
  • Missing phrasal verb 8 is:
  • Missing phrasal verb 9 is (use 'me' in your answer):
  • Missing phrasal verb 10 is (use 'me' in your answer):
  • Missing phrasal verb 11 is:
  • Missing phrasal verb 12 is:
  • Missing phrasal verb 13 is:
  • Missing phrasal verb 14 is:
  • Missing phrasal verb 15 is: