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Phrasal Verbs with Get

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A phrasal verb is a combination of two or more words, usually a verb and preposition, which acts as one word.

The meaning of the phrasal verb is different to the meaning of the words when separated. For example, to "get away" means to go on holiday, which is different from the meaning of the word "get"on its own.

 Phrasal verbs are common in both spoken and written English, so we should practise them as often as possible.

This lesson focuses on phrasal verbs using the verb get.  

Here is a list of phrasal verbs with their meanings.

Get Phrasal Verbs

get up to – do

get on with (someone) – have a good relationship

get over (something/someone)  –  recover from

get away with (something)  – be successful in something

get at (someone) – criticise someone repeatedly

get rid of (something)  –  remove/throw away something

get out of (doing something) – avoid something you don’t want to do

get off lightly – to experience less trouble than expected

get through to (someone) – successfully explain something

get wound up (about something) –  get angry about something

Lesson by Nasreen, teacher at EC Cape Town

Choose the correct 'get' phrasal verbs to complete the sentences:

  • 1 - Our sofa is really old. We need to ___ it.

  • 2 - I went to the cinema. What did you ___ last weekend?

  • 3 - Brad and Tom really don't ___ each other. They’re always arguing.

  • 4 - Sara won’t be joining us. She's still ___ the flu.

  • 5 - I ___ going on that boring camping trip, because it started raining.

  • 6 - The traffic officer only gave me a warning for driving too fast. I ___ there!

  • 7 - After showing James the pie charts and diagrams, I was finally able to ___ him.

  • 8 - I really ___ when I see people mistreating defenceless animals!

  • 9 - If Mel thinks she's going to ___ being late again, she's terribly mistaken!

  • 10 - I feel sorry for Andrew. His brother's always ___ him even when he’s done nothing wrong.