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Phrasal verbs with 'Turn'

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Here’s another lesson that gives you an opportunity to revise/learn some phrasal verbs.

Remember, changing the preposition can completely change the meaning of the verb, so we need to know which preposition to add to a verb to create the correct meaning.

Here’s a test to see how well you remember the meaning of these phrasal verbs that use ‘turn’. Which phrasal verb belongs in each sentence? Good luck!
By Caroline Devane

  • 1. The pumpkin in Cinderella ___ a carriage!

  • 2. We wanted to go to this new club in London, but we were ___ because my friend was wearing trainers.

  • 3. Please can you ___ the television. I want to watch The X-factor.

  • 4. I applied for a job with Disney, but I got ___.

  • 5. Emily can't meet us for drinks at five, but she might ___ later.

  • 6. Everything was fine, then he suddenly ___ me and started shouting.

  • 7. It ___ that Max was the murderer all along.

  • 8. Please ___ the radio! I can’t think with that awful music on.

  • 9. Go on, ___ the jewellery, we know you have it.

  • 10. Thousands of people ___ for the protest.