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Phrasal Verbs with Up

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English has a large number of phrasal verbs, many of which use the preposition 'up'.

Quite a lot of phrasal verbs with up mean 'to increase/improve something'. For example speed up means 'to increase your car's speed'. There are exceptions to this such as hold up which means 'to delay something'.

Look at the context of each sentence and choose the correct definition.

Good luck!

  • 1. My parents BROUGHT UP my sister and I well. We both became good, successful people in the end.

  • 2. What do you do to CHEER UP if you're unhappy?

  • 3. Most people need to BRUSH UP on their study material before writing an exam.

  • 4. My boss was angry with me yesterday because I TURNED UP late for the meeting.

  • 5. I was happy when I BROKE UP with my boyfriend. I feel much better now.

  • 6. When I go to a party I like to DRESS UP and look fantastic.

  • 7. This weather is terrible! I really hope it CLEARS UP soon so we can go to the beach.

  • 8. I don't like just GIVING UP when something's difficult. I prefer to keep trying until I succeed.

  • 9. Usually after we have an argument, my wife and I MAKE UP quickly. Then after that we're okay again.

  • 10. When I was a child in school the bullies liked to BEAT me UP every week. I was very afraid of them.