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Phrases for Job Interviews

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Job interviews can make even the most confident English speaker feel nervous! To help you get ready for your next interview, we’ve prepared a list of useful words and phrases to help you describe yourself, your experience, and what you can do for the company. If you want more tips for how to have a successful job interview, check out our blog post!

To describe yourself:

Trustworthy: able to be relied on to be truthful and honest

Innovative: eager to introduce new, creative ideas

Organised: efficient, well prepared

Punctual: timely

Hobbies: leisure activities/interests


To describe your experience

I studied at…

I worked in/for/at…

I have experience in....

To graduate: to complete schooling

Major in: the field of focus in your university career


What you can do for their company


Establish career/pursue career





Working in a…… environment


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