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Plant and Flower Idioms

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Have you come across these idioms before, which are all related to plants and flowers?

See if you can decide which idiom fits in which sentence and then post below what you think the idioms mean.

Do you know any other idioms that are related to flowers and plants?

Plant and Flower Idioms

Barking up the wrong tree - to be wrong about the reason for something.

Beat about the bush - to avoid talking about a difficult or embarrassing subject; speak indirectly.

Needle in a haystack - something that is impossible or very difficult to find.

Olive branch - to do or say something in order to show that you want to end a disagreement with someone; to offer peace.

Touch wood - said while touching something wooden, for superstition. Said when hoping to avoid bad-luck or something bad happening.

Shrinking violet - A very shy person, who avoids contact with others if possible.

Come up roses - to turn out very well; a positive result.

Hit the hay - to go to bed/sleep.

Lesson by Caroline Devane

  • 1. I didn't take your chocolate, you're ___.

  • 2. I can't find my phone anywhere because the flat is so messy. It's like searching for a ___.

  • 3. I'm studying, I've got a boyfriend and I won £50 on the lottery, everything's ___.

  • 4. Stop ___ and just tell me whether you've finished the report.

  • 5. I'm so sorry about last night. I've brought you ___.

  • 6. I've never failed an exam, ___.

  • 7. I wish she had more confidence, she's such a ___.

  • 8. Wow I'm exhausted, I think it's time to ___.