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Possessive and demonstrative pronouns

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These are the possessive pronouns. They replace a noun and another word. We never put an apostrophe on a possessive pronoun.

This is my pen.                    It is mine.
This is your pen.                 It is yours.
This is Sarah's pen.            It is hers.
This is Peter's pen.             It is his.
This is our house.               It is ours.
This is their car.                  It is theirs.

This, these, that and those are demonstrative pronouns when they are used without a following noun. They show which person/persons or thing/things being spoken about.

This is your pen. That is mine.
These are your keys. Those are mine.

Lesson by Tristan, English teacher at EC Malta English school

Choose the correct pronoun for the following:

  • 1) I can't find __ keys. Have you seen them?

  • 2) That is Jane's book. It's got __ name in it.

  • 3) This is your room. That's __.

  • 4) Where did you get __ shoes?

  • 5) You've got to taste __ sandwiches.

  • 6) Is this bag __?

  • 7) I like _ idea. It sound great.

  • 8) John's leaving the company. __ is his last week.