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Possessive 'S' - Elementary Level

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We use the possessive 's' to show that something belongs to someone or something. For example:
"That is Jennifer's dress" means the dress belongs to Jennifer.

Remember: If the person the thing belongs to ends in s we just add an apostrophe and do not add the s. For example:
"That is Carlos' tie."

In each sentence below, a possessive s is needed. Can you put it in the correct place?

  1. That is Emily pen.
  2. Is that Hannah magazine or is it mine?
  3. John dog is so sweet!
  4. Sebastian garden is the most beautiful in the town.
  5. Thomas job is really difficult.
  6. The house windows are very dirty.
  7. Sophie grandmother lives in Spain.
  8. What do you think of Mike haircut?
  9. My Mum kitchen is always so clean.
  10. We ate my aunt homemade chocolate cake for pudding.

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