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Practice Idioms

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Well, last week you said that you did well on our idiom quiz, so here's another one. How many can you get right? Can you do better than last week. Have I come up with a test that's too difficult for you? Who wins: me or you? Let's find out! Go! Go! Go!

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  • This place has gone to the ___ over the last year. It's become a terrible company.

  • It cost me an arm and a ___ to get my car fixed. $500! I couldn't believe it.

  • I'm going to shoot the ___ with Jim for a while. I like hanging out with him.

  • Jill is a laugh a ___. She's so funny.

  • I hate golf. It's about as interesting as watching ___ dry.

  • That dress suits you and it fits like a ___.

  • You are very quiet today. A ___ for your thoughts.

  • I have ___ feelings about moving to Russia.

  • I'm going to watch that new Disney movie. I've always had a ___ spot for animation.

  • I told him to wait, but he jumped the ___ and ordered all the new stock, anyway.