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Pre-Intermediate - Verb Patterns

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Verb + gerund

Unfortunately in English there are some things that you just have to learn. Verb patterns are one of them. Some verbs are followed by the gerund (-ing form).
consider: "You should consider visiting Cape Town during the World Cup."
: "Stop touching it, you are making it dirty."

Verb + infinitive

Some verbs are followed by the infinitive (to + verb).
appear: "It appears to have stopped raining."
want: "I have always wanted to learn English in Cape Town."

In the following sentences, do we need the gerund or the infinitive?


Today's lesson is by Caroline Devane, teacher at EC Cape Town English school

Link: Choose the correct verb forms

Link: Use the correct word in the sentence

  • 1 - I want ___ an ice-cream.

  • 2 - I'm considering ___ my job.

  • 3. I promised ___ David to the cinema on Saturday.

  • 4. I'm so proud of myself, I’ve stopped ___.

  • 5. Do you mind ___ me your pencil?

  • 6. He makes me nervous, I noticed him ___ me.

  • 7. I asked him ___ on a date with me!

  • 8. The house appears ___ perfect.

  • 9. She reminded me not ___ the bus during the night.

  • 10. I heard him ___ in the shower.