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Prepositions For, Of and To

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Prepositions are often confusing for English learners, especially when one preposition can have more than one meaning. Today we look at the prepositions for, of and to and three of their possible meanings.


For usually tells us about the use of something, a reason or purpose.

We need new batteries for the remote control.

These drinks are for after work.

We use it for cutting grass.


Of usually shows a connection or belonging.

Is she a friend of yours?

This is a photo of my wife.

A glass of wine.


To usually shows the direction of something; moving towards.

We're going to Malta next week.

Where are you going to buy your new shoes?

We ran to the end of the street.

Now choose the correct prepositions in each of these sentences:

  • 1) A knife ___ cutting fish.

  • 2) She walks ___ work every day.

  • 3) We bought a new sofa ___ the lounge.

  • 4) There was a phone call ___ you.

  • 5) The resort is open from May ___ September.

  • 6) She's the owner ___ this restaurant.

  • 7) Please give this message ___ Simon.

  • 8) He goes shopping ___ his grandmother because she's very old.

  • 9) They travel ___ France every summer.

  • 10) A large number ___ people.