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Prepositions in Phrasal Verbs

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"The prisoner managed to break ___ of prison."

As you know, a phrasal verb is a verb and a preposition used together. In the English language there are hundreds of phrasal verbs and no short-cut to learning them; however, the more you practise them, the easier they become to understand.

Below you will see ten sentences using phrasal verbs. In each sentence the preposition is missin so please choose the correct one. The meaning of the phrasal verb is in brackets.

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  • It's time that you made ___ your mind. (DECIDE)

  • During the fire, 20 prisoners managed to break ___. (ESCAPE)

  • My hair started falling ___ while I was still young. (BECOME UNATTACHED)

  • I give ___. I can't answer the question. What's the answer? (STOP TRYING)

  • He went to a funeral. His friend passed ___ last week. (DIED)

  • She'll call you ___ later tonight. (RETURN A CALL)

  • Tom can't come, he's looking ___ his baby brother. (TAKING CARE OF)

  • The dog went ___ her. It's a very dangerous dog. (ATTACK)

  • Do you hold ___ his ideas? (AGREE)

  • There's only 2 miles to go. Let's push ___ . (CONTINUE)