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Prepositions Quiz

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It's prepositions time again. The best way to learn them is through practice. Read through the ten sentences and choose the correct missing prepositions.

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  • "I really care ___ what happens to him."

  • "I heard that he died ___ a heart attack."

  • "Please apologise to them ___ me."

  • "I saw a car collide ___ a motorbike."

  • "I don't agree ___ banning smoking in bars."

  • "I ran ___ Tom while I was in the library. I haven't seen him for ages."

  • "I'm very satisfied ___ my exam results."

  • "I've noticed a big improvement ___ my English."

  • "There's a real lack ___ cheap restaurants around here."

  • "She has a lot of admiration ___ all that you have done."