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Prepositions Quiz - 10 Questions

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Have you ever been to New York? If you haven't, you really should. When you are there you feel like you are in the capital of the world. It's the one city (in my opinion) that everyone should visit at least once in their life. I've been lucky enough to go twice, but I'd love to go again. Perhaps I should ask my boss to transfer me to our English school in Manhattan, EC New York! From the pictures I've seen of the school, it looks amazing. It's right in the centre of the city, it's  modern and it has wonderful views from its home on the 14th floor of a skyscraper building. Who knows, maybe I'll see you there!!

Here are some facts about New York. Choose which prepositions are missing from each sentence. I hope you remember what prepositions are. That's right, on, in and at, are all examples of prepositions. That:s enough talk. Do it!

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  • 1 - NY city consists five boroughs: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island.
  • 2- The area was first discovered Giovanni da Verrazzano, an Italian explorer who called it "Nouvelle Angouleme".
  • 3 - Originally called New Amsterdam, the city's name was changed to New York 1664.
  • 4 - New York was America's capital 1785 until 1790.
  • 5 - NY is also known the 'Big Apple'.
  • 6 - New York City is the most densely populated major city the United States.
  • 7 - The city's population is estimated 8.3 million people.
  • 8 - Along London and Tokyo, NY is a global hub of international business.
  • 9 - New York is known its 24/7 way of life. There's always something happening.
  • 10 - EC New York is Broadway, the home of American theatre.