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Prepositions of Time

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Prepositions of Time for you today. Understanding how to use them is important in giving you a good foundation of English. Here are some quick rules to remember.


Use at for the time:

"I always wake up at 7am."
"Let's meet at lunchtime for a coffee."


Use on for days and dates.
"It's his birthday on Sunday."
"The conference is on 10 March."


Use in with weeks, months, years and seasons.
"She retired in May."
"I'll be back in 3 weeks."
"Paul was born in 1990."
"The weather in spring is beautiful."


Use for with a period of time / length of time.
"I've been living here for 6 months."


Use since with the start of a period of time.
"I've been living in Brighton since January."


Use by when we want to say "not later than" or any time until this point (a deadline).
"My mother said I have to be home by 7pm."

Now complete the sentences with the right preposition.

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  • 1 - She went on holiday today. She said she'll be back a week.
  • 2 - All job applications must be received Friday.
  • 3 - He's in a meeting at the moment. I'll get him to call you back ten minutes.
  • 4 - There's an important presentation starting noon.
  • 5 - Please don't call me night. Just send me an email.
  • 6 - We've been working on this project last week.
  • 7 - The company was established 1975.
  • 8 - I haven't seen her last Tuesday.
  • 9 - We should always think about the poor Christmas.
  • 10 - We've been supplying them 6 years.