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Prepositions of Time Quiz

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A preposition is a word that connects one thing with another, showing how they are related.

Some prepositions tell you about time.

For example:

"Many shops close on Sundays."
"It snows during the winter."

How to use prepositions of time

At is used with times: at 10am
In is used with months, seasons, years, and long time periods: in June, in winter, in 1975, in the 1980s
On is used with days and dates: on Monday, on 11 May

For is used with a period of time. It shows a starting and ending time: for six months, for 10 years
Since is used with a starting point: since June, since 1572

Choose the correct preposition in each sentence:

  • 1. We get up __ the morning.

  • 2. We go to bed ___ night.

  • 3. It's always hot ___ summer.

  • 4. The movie starts at two ___ the afternoon.

  • 5. Autumn begins ___ September.

  • 6. They were married ___ 1990.

  • 7. Joe arrived ___ me.

  • 8. It has not rained at all ___ two weeks.

  • 9. Breakfast is served ___ seven o'clock.

  • 10. Kevin and Joe have been in the same class ___ first grade.