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Present Continuous Review

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Here's a quick review of the present continuous, with a quiz to see how well you remember the rules. We use the present continuous:

To talk about actions happening in that exact moment.
To talk about fixed plans in the near future.
To talk about temporary actions.
To talk about longer actions happening around the moment of speaking.
To talk about trends.
To talk about repeated actions that annoy us.

There are examples of all these uses below. To form the present continuous we use:

Verb to be + verb + ing

Read through the sentences below and change the verb to the present continuous tense. All the sentences are positive. Can you write a negative sentence and a question using the present continuous? Good luck!

  • 1. My father (work) ___ in Spain at the moment.
  • 2. I (prepare) ___ for the biggest exams of my life.
  • 3. Shhh, I (try) ___ to concentrate.
  • 4. More and more people (buy) ___ Christmas presents in advance.
  • 5. I (live) ___ with my parents at the moment.
  • 6. London residents (become) ___ excited about the Olympics.
  • 7. They (go) ___ to a fancy restaurant tonight.
  • 8. She (cry) ___ because she misses him so much.
  • 9. Jennifer (smile) ___ so beautifully in that photo!
  • 10. My boyfriend (complete) ___ his masters at the moment.
  • 11. We (wait) ___ for the actor to leave the theatre!
  • 12. Look, I think that student (cheat) ___.
  • 13. I (get) ___ really tired of your excuses.
  • 14. People all over the world (listen) ___ to music online every day.
  • 15. My daughter (dance) ___ in the most beautiful theatre in London next week.