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Present Perfect Continuous

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The Present Perfect Continuous is used to talk about events which started in the past and may still be continuing now - this tense usually has a link to the present time.

This is how we make the Present Perfect Continuous tense:

subject + have / has + been + -ing verb

"He has been waiting for 20 minutes."

It can be used to describe events that are finished and are still in evidence now:

"The road is wet. It must have been raining."
"Have you been crying?"

It can be used to describe an event that started in the past and is still continuing now; it is often used with for / since:

"I have been working here for 6 months."
"She has been learning English since she went to university"

It can be used to talk about a repeating action:

"I have been watching the news every evening."
"Her brother has been calling her a lot recently."

Link: Past Continuous Tense

  • It has been ___ for a week.

  • They ___ been looking for you.

  • She's ___ thinking about changing her job.

  • We've been living here ___ 7 months.

  • Mike's been fishing ___ dawn.