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Present Perfect for Life Experiences

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We use the present perfect to talk about experiences we have had in our lifetime.

We use the present perfect when talking about an action happened at some point in the past. The date or time that it happened is not important. The focus is on the action, not when. The important thing is that it happened in the past and is now completed (finished).

For example:

I have visited South Africa.

The present perfect is made using have/ has and a past participle verb e.g. visited.

Below, are ten sentences about things I have done in my lifetime.

First, change the verb into the present perfect tense. Then, try and guess which two sentences are things I haven't actually done!

After all that, why don't you write some of your own sentences about your life experiences?
Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline Devane

  • 1. I (live) in another country.
  • 2. I (eat) crocodile.
  • 3. I (dance) in theatres across the world.
  • 4. I (work) in a famous theatre.
  • 5. I (pass) my driving test.
  • 6. I (drive) a car.
  • 7. I (buy) a house.
  • 8. I (meet) a famous actor.
  • 9. I (play) with baby tigers.
  • 10. I (see) my favourite band in concert.