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Present Perfect Simple

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Look at these two present perfect simple example sentences:

"The government has said they are going to introduce legislation."

"This is the first part of the report that we’ve agreed with."


The present perfect simple is have/ has + past participle.

"I haven't finished yet."
"She has been to Russia."
"Have you finished your homework?"
"Has he done the exercise?"


We use the present perfect simple to talk about a period of time that continues from the past until now.

Grammar practice

Complete the gaps using the correct form of the verbs. Only use present perfect simple.

  • influence
  • be privatised
  • decide
  • speak
  • show
  • be privatised

Lesson by Siba, EC London English school

  • 1 - The information in the report me.
  • 2 - The government ministers to privatise Royal Mail.
  • 3 - Has Royal Mail yet?
  • 4 - Paul and Tom to her about the report.
  • 5 - The report that the company will continue to suffer losses unless changes are made.
  • 6 - The company hasn't yet