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Present Perfect with For and Since

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For and since are commonly used with the present perfect tense.


We use for to talk about a period of time.

E.g. "I haven't smoked for weeks."


We use since to talk about a specific point in time, or a time when the action started.

E.g. "I haven't smoked since 2010."

It can be quite tricky to know which one to use and just like everything else, you need to practise!

In the following sentences, should you use 'for' or 'since'.

  • 1. I have lived in London ___ six months.

  • 2. I have danced ___ I was small.

  • 3. She hasn't had a day off ___ three months.

  • 4. I've lost so much flexibility ___ I injured my leg.

  • 5. They have all improved in attitude ___ the headmaster talked to them.

  • 6. Wars have been happening ___ centuries, it won’t ever change.

  • 7. I haven't been on holiday ___ ages.

  • 8. I haven't eaten that much ___ Christmas.

  • 9. I haven't been on holiday ___ last year.

  • 10. She hasn't seen her jacket ___ yesterday, I think she lost it.