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English pronunciation can be very tricky, especially when words are spelt in a similar way but said completely differently! Here’s an exercise to help you practise. Of the words in red, which have the same pronunciation? For example:

Doll - Listen
Roll - Listen
Pole - Listen

Even though the last two words are spelt differently, their pronunciation is the same!

Try these sentences and see if you can work out the two that match. Make sure you say the sentences out loud to help you. To hear the words below, use howjjay.com

  • 1. Sing the first VERSE.

  • 2. I haven't HEARD that song for ages.

  • 3. Don't BREAK it!

  • 4. HOW do you know?

  • 5. There was BLOOD on his shirt.

  • 6. My AUNT lives in Canada.

  • 7. Do you like my new SHOES?

  • 8. The band is going on TOUR.