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Put the sentences into the correct order

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Put the following sentences into the correct order to tell the story.
Lesson by Amanda Pooley, EC Cape Town English school

1. It was just after midnight on July 17th last year.
2. The police officers weren’t surprised when James told them the story.
3. The road was clear and he was driving carefully.
4. He was still looking under the car when the police car pulled up.
5. She was wearing a dark coat and a blue scarf.
6. He got out and looked under the car but, to his surprise, there was nothing there.
7. “Since then several people have seen her ghost there”.
8. James tried to stop but it was too late.
9. While he was looking under the car, he felt a cold wind on his face and he shivered. Everything felt strange.
10. “A girl was killed in a car crash on this road in July 1971”.
11. James was driving home from work.
12. Suddenly a young girl stepped out into the road in front of him.

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