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Quantifiers: A bottle of wine

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Quantifiers are used to express quantity i.e. the amount of something; how many/much.

With countable nouns like apples, for example, we can ask and answer:

How many apples do you want?
I want four apples.

Notice we use many with countable nouns.

Quantifiers with non-countable nouns

Now let's take a look at a non-countable noun: wine.

Because wine is uncountable we use a quantifier to make it countable.

In this case we use the container it usually comes inside:

How many bottles of wine do you want?
I want four bottles of wines.

We use quantifiers to make non-countable nouns countable.

Some other common examples are:

a cup of coffee
a box of chocolates
a carton of milk

Key Words

Use these following quantifiers in the sentences below.

  • can
  • box
  • head
  • loaf
  • tube
  • bunch
  • roll
  • packet
  • bar
  • pinch

Use the correct quantifiers in these sentences:

  • 1 - I need to blow my nose. Pass me that ___ of tissues.
  • 2 - She bought a ___ of bread so we can make sandwiches.
  • 3 - My husband surprised me with a ___ of flowers.
  • 4 - There's a ___ of soap in the bathroom.
  • 5 - Add a ___ of salt to the soup for flavour.
  • 6 - They don't sell beer in bottles here. Have a ___ instead.
  • 7 - We' already eaten that whole ___ of biscuits!
  • 8 - There's a ___ of lettuce in the fridge.
  • 9 - We need a new ___ of toilet paper.
  • 10 - I forgot to pack my ___ of toothpaste.