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Quick Preposition Quiz

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In English we use prepositions with certain verbs and nouns.


"I love swimming in summer."

"I am writing my final exam on Thursday."

Complete the sentences and insert prepositions if and where they are needed.

Two sentences are perfect just as they are so be careful! Use "-" when no preposition is needed.

By Amanda Pooley, EC Cape Town English School

  • 1. He was very kind ___ her.

  • 2. Let's discuss ___ your plans for next year.

  • 3. We need proof ___ his story, it seems very convenient.

  • 4. The soup lacks ___ salt.

  • 5. My brother's married ___ a fashion designer from Milan.

  • 6. I didn't take part ___ the meeting, I had too much work.

  • 7. I'm interested ___ most sports, especially tennis. I love Roger Federer!

  • 8. You remind me ___ my younger sister.

  • 9. I hate walking ___ the rain!

  • 10. The answer's ___ page 146.

  • 11. I'm reading a novel ___ Charles Dickens. It's brilliant!

  • 12. On the way home from school today, the bus crashed ___ a tree! Luckily, no-one was seriously injured but I think the bus driver was drunk.