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Reading and vocabulary practice of the day!

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Mr. Thomas retires.

Read the following following paragraph about the speech that was made by her boss Mr. Thomas:

"The turnout was so big that extra many extra chairs had to be put out. Everyone wanted to say good-bye to Mr.Thomas as he plans to stand down as CEO after 30 years in the job. During his speech he joked that he was being kicked out of the company because of the days he missed - Mr. Thomas is, kind of, famous for never having missed a day in all the years he's been CEO. He did admit to being a little nervous about his impending retirement and what he was going to do with all of his free time. After a lot of thought, he said that he'd plumped for taking a world cruise to see all the places he's always wanted to visit. His farewell speech was so touching that by the end of it there wasn't a dry eye in the house. He said that he'd try and keep in touch with us all and he'll come back for sporadic visits. This place won't be them same without him."

  1. turnout
  2. stand down
  3. kicked out
  4. impending
  5. plumped for
  6. wasn't a dry eye in the house
  7. sporadic

Now match up the key word numbers to their definitions below:


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  • To have forced someone to leave an organisation:
  • Happening soon:
  • Stop working at your job:
  • Crowd:
  • Not happening regularly:
  • Chose:
  • Everyone was crying: