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Reading and Vocabulary: Usain Bolt

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Spread over 16 unforgettable days, the London Olympic Games drew the world's attention with one man in particular being a large part of the focus. Usain Bolt was the centre of the party, confirming his status as the greatest sprinter in history as he retained his Olympic 100m title in style. Read through the following text and decide where the missing words should go.


  • Beating
  • Concerned
  • Disciplines
  • Ease
  • Endurance
  • Prestigious
  • Record
  • Turned

Usain Bolt Reading

Of the 38 sport __1__ that were held in the thirtieth contest of the Olympic Games, athletics is one of the most important sports competitions. It is based on the resolution of different types of races, walks, throws, jumps and others, which vary in terms of speed, __2__ or distance. There is one in particular that was the most awaited and __3__, the sprint race of the 100m.

In less than ten seconds the fastest man in the world is defined. The last record was achieved in Berlin in 2009 during the world championships in athletics, when in just 9.58 seconds runner Usain Bolt crossed the finish line in a magnificent display of strength, speed and years of training, breaking the world __4__ in this category.

This is why more than four billion viewers around the world __5__ their attention to London in order to see the fastest man on earth and support his intention of __6__ his own record. It was an event that no one can miss.

This 25 year old who is 6ft 5in tall and shows relative __7__ in his movements already has a private chef, bodyguards and a team of advisers to give him the style of a Hollywood celebrity. He was very confident about his performance and expected to beat his record.

Also, he was not __8__ about critics who accused him of being in bad form, he know he had trained hard. There was no stopping Bolt who wons in 9.63 seconds! A new Olympic record!

Where do the eight missing words go?

  • Missing Word 1 is:

  • Missing Word 2 is:

  • Missing Word 3 is:

  • Missing Word 4 is:

  • Missing Word 5 is:

  • Missing Word 6 is:

  • Missing Word 7 is:

  • Missing Word 8 is: