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Reading Comprehension: True or False

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Marathon: A long distance running race of 26 miles.

I was extra interested in this year's London Marathon as one of my best friends, Adelle, was running it for the first time!

This year, the male and female races were both won by Kenyan competitors.

Here is a very brief article about the top runners.

Read the article and then try and answer the true or false questions below.

Lesson by Caroline

London Marathon Runners

Emmanuel Mutai and Mary Keitany completed a Kenyan double as they won the men's and women's races at the 201 London Marathon.

Mutai raced to a London record of two hours four minutes and 39 seconds, while Keitany won in 2:19.19, the fourth fastest women's marathon ever.

Russian defending champion Liliya Shobukhova was the women's runner-up.

Mutai told BBC Sport: "My dreams have come true, the day has come for me. My aim was just to win the race, I was not focusing on the time.

"I'm happy with the result, since I came to run in London, I was fourth twice and second once. It's a fantastic achievement for me personally."

Ethopian Aberu Kebede, last year's winner of the men's race, could only manage a ninth placed finish.

Great Britain's Jo Pavey came through in a time of 2:28.24, the seventh fastest time by a British female athlete and inside the British Olympic qualifying time.

Team-mate Louise Damen, the second British athlete across the line, was also inside the qualifying time in 2:30.00.

Now decide if the below statements are true or false:

  • 1. Emmanuel Mutai broke the record for the fastest running time for the London marathon.

  • 2. The female winner finished the race before the male winner.

  • 3. The female runner up is extremely disappointed that she didn't win.

  • 4. The winner of last year's London Marathon came within the top five.

  • 5. Two female British athletes have qualified for the Olympics.