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Reading an email and questions

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Read this email from Samantha about her first day in work and answer the questions:

Hey Jo,

Thanks for your email. I'm glad to hear that you are well. I started  my new job yesterday and I can't wait to tell you all about it. I never thought my first day as a personal assistant would be so thrilling!
I didn't get off to the best start by almost arriving late on my first day. Because the my new office is in the city it's easier for me to take the train than to drive. Unfortunately for me, my train arrived late and I had to dash to the office, I arrived with only minutes to spare. Arriving late on my first day would have been tragic. My office is hectic with people running around everywhere. I was introduced to all the staff. They all seem nice, but it's going to be difficult for me to learn all of their names.
I was apprehensive about meeting my boss, Mr.Sanders, because people say that he can be quite intimidating. I can see why: he looks so important and he's always frowning. Judging from his expensive suit he must be very well off. After a quick introduction it was straight down to work. The first thing he had me do was make him a coffee...not very glamourous, is it? I almost spilt it on his suit while I was giving to him! The rest of the morning was spent answering his calls and arranging meetings for him. He certainly is a busy man.
Saying that, I was too busy to go out for lunch so I ate at my desk. Just as I was putting the last bit of my cheese sandwich in my mouth Harry Silk walked into the office! Can you believe it, the famous TV soap star is one of Mr. Sanders' clients! I was so embarrassed that he saw me stuffing my face. He didn't seem to mind, in fact, he found my embarrassment quite amusing. He was kind enough to have a picture taken with me.
It turns out that my boss has lots of famous clients? I wonder who will be in tomorrow? I'll let you know!

Write to me soon.

Take care,



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  • thrilling means:

  • tragic means:

  • hectic means:

  • apprehensive means:

  • intimidating means:

  • frowning means:

  • well of means:

  • amusing: